My Training Site offers easily accessible, cloud based automotive specific mobile training, that targets challenging areas of the modern automotive dealership. Today's customers are savvy, and expectations are high. Being empowered with confidence and knowledge, can make the difference between a completely satisfying customer experience, and a dissatisfied customer. This leads to greater customer retention, better CSI scores and profits, and just a great feeling. My Training Site understands this. Written by designers and trainers with industry knowledge, the focus is on simple, innovative bite sized mobile learning. This means more time for you, and less time in front of boring eLearning type training. With a comprehensive range of tutorials running from 3 to 10 minutes, covering Sales, Service and Parts, as well as Professional Development topics, there is sure to be something to benefit you.

Break free from the clutter of complicated out of date online eLearning, that takes up valuable time and offers little or no value to you, and take a closer look at My Training Site

Untethered Learning Anywhere, Anytime